Atomic Picnic Project (acoustic)

This happens when like-minded people meet. Revised versions of the Atomic Picnic Project songs and beyond are performed by the exceptional guitarist Peter Swoboda (also a virtuoso on the zither) and Uwe Schrödersecker together with the Augsburg singer Helmuth Treichel.

Some of them have already been immortalized on the EP "Lifetime", published in April 2018, and the second studio CD "A Moment in Life", published in October 2019.

Atomic Picnic Project appreciates the time-honoured tradition of composing and careful attention to detail. This shows how personal and touching music can be when the right elements come together. There is a deep understanding of the techniques and traditions of music and that is perhaps the reason why critics had to say about the multi award-winning works: "The songs of Atomic Picnic Project demonstrate the kind of cross-genre versatility that people have its far-reaching aesthetic is supported by an unshakeable compass for melodic elegance ".